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Aquaculture Cages & Nets


One of Australia’s Largest Netting importers, Haverford supplies a range of products to the aquaculture / fish farming industry.
Our Netting, Floats, Rope and Twine have been used extensively throughout Australian Aquaculture farms and includes:

• Soft Knotless Nylon Harvesting Nets
• Pond Cover / Bird Exclusion Netting
• Custom Made Aquaculture Cage Nets
• Gill nets / Drag nets / Fyke Nets / Custom Nets
• Various Ropes including Lead-Core
• A wide range of Floats
• Various Hanging and mending Twines


Soft Nylon Knotless Netting:

Knotless nets are considered the ideal choice for aquaculture harvesting as they are stronger than traditional knotted material and causes less damage to fish. Haverford stocks knotless netting in a range of ply's, mesh sizes, lengths and colours.

Colours Available: Black, Blue, brown
Mesh sizes: 4mm to 82mm
Ply’s: 210/5 ply thru 210/288 ply

Our knotless netting range can be sold as a full bundle or per metre in most cases.
Net samples can also be arranged for our range of knotless netting.


Pond & Pool Duck/Bird Exclusion:

Our 12ply High Density Polyethylene Knotted Netting is a 1st Grade, light weight, high strength netting suitable for permanent Pond / Bird / Predator Control installations. This netting is simple and efficient to work with. Being a square mesh design, it can significantly reduce installation times and labor costs. It's hard wearing properties also make this netting an ideal choice for permanent pond cover installations.
This netting has been specifically designed for covering aquaculture ponds, with the principal function being to stop larger predator birds entering the pond space.


Net Accessories:

We provide a large range of netting accessories used in the assembly of various aquaculture nets:


• Silver Polyethylene rope, with diameters ranging from 5mm to 22mm.
• Superdan Polypropylene rope with diameters ranging from 5mm to 12mm.
• Lead Core (Sink Rope), with various weights and diameters ranging from 6mm to 16mm

Net Floats: 

Our stock of floats is extensive, with a large range of cost efficient P.V.C, Hardened Rubber, High Quality E.V.A, and Hard Plastic floats

Gill Nets / Drag Nets / Mesh Nets:

Haverford stocks a range of “Pre-Made” nets, as well as offering a custom net making service.

All types of fishing nets can be made to your specifications including:
• Knotless Harvesting Nets
• Pond Drag Nets
• Mesh / Gill Nets

Aquaculture Cages and Traps:

Haverford imports Custom Made aquaculture cage nets to your specification. Customers can specify size, mesh type and overall design.

We also stock a range of nets including:

• Fyke / Eel nets
• Seine nets
• Yabbie and Crab Traps


Call for Price Shark Clips
$ AUD 108.00 each Mono Gill Net: 6" Mesh 23m x 2.5m No stock
Call for Price Fyke / Eel Nets
Call for Price Galaxid Nets
Call for Price Plankton Nets
Call for Price Larval Net
Call for Price Platypus Net
Call for Price Seine Net
Call for Price AP7 Crate: 32Litre
Call for Price S/2 PVC Net Floats
Call for Price E.V.A Net Floats
$ AUD 555.00 each Lead Weighted Rope: 150m No stock
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All products are stocked in our Sydney warehouse. Delivery available throughout Australia & New Zealand. Other countries are available upon request . Full details on ordering, dispatch and shipping can be found HERE

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